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Monsieur Olivier

Monsieur Olivier

  • Address:Sahaydachnoho street 23A
  • Subway:Kontraktova Ploshcha, Poshtova Ploshcha
  • Time of work: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Type:Restaurant
  • Cuisine:Home cuisine, Italian cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine, French
  • Average bill: 100 - 250

Бронь по телефону
10:00 - 21:00

Menu : 162 dishes (The minimum order for delivery 100)


Portion: 250 г.
Price Стоимость
85 UAH 85 UAH
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Описание заведения Monsieur Olivier

A desire for comfort, harmony and a search for new forms of self-expression are equally true for both a restaurant "Monsieur Olivier", and for its guests.

Sweetheart atmosphere of French Provence is felt here straight from the door, where the sense of taste is present everywhere: from interior and cuisine to music. Light and natural style accents in interior of two guest areas of the restaurant emphasize the elegance of the conception "Monsieur Olivier", bright halls are filled with coffee aromas and something imperceptible and sweet. Frayed cupboards and furniture, wooden shutters, old French photographs in baguette frames, shelves decorated with tableware and amusing little things - among them you forget that outside it is a historic district of the capital Podol and you involuntarily go to the south of France.

Creating a new menu a chef of the restaurant aimed to open all the rich taste of the popular French and Ukrainian dishes in a new interpretation. Visiting the restaurant you can taste: "Tournedos de Chateaubriand" with mushroom sauce, Salad "Nicoise" with basil pesto, Grilled salmon with a sauce of olives, Vegetable soup with pesto, Pork-bone in Provence herbs with sauerkraut and a horseradish sauce  and so on. Hot meals are served with a traditional French vegetable ratatouille.

From 11 am each guest can order the largest cappuccino in Kyiv and eat a helping of thick pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes or pancakes with different jams. What could be better than such beginning of the day?"Monsieur Olivier" is exactly the right venue that is ideal for a business lunch and a dinner with a whole family. If in the evening after the work week you don’t get ready for a substantial dinner here you can just order the wine as do the French and spend time with family and friends accompanied by your favorite French melodies.

The most delicious breakfasts on Podol, a variety of French crepes and quiche-lorraines, dainty salads and appetizers, tagliatelle and varenyky, homemade drinks as well as 7 types of salad "Olivier" will surprise every guest who comes here.

"Monsieur Olivier" - is a bright cozy restaurant for family rest, which will enable to dream of far and beautiful France and will introduce you the Franco-Ukrainian cuisine.

"Monsieur Olivier" - Ukrainian cuisine with French charm!

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Рекомендуется для:
  • Romantic dinner
  • Banquets and corporate parties
  • Birthday
  • Children's holiday
  • Family dinner
  • Business meeting

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