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Restaurant "Tsymes"

Restaurant "Tsymes"

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(044) 22-333-22, (066) 078-76-36
10:00 - 21:00

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Описание заведения Restaurant "Tsymes"

The restaurant of Jewish cuisine "Tsymes" is not just a restaurant; it is a cookery workshop with its own traditions, with a kind heart, and of course with its own history. "Tsymes" is positioned as a family and a home restaurant.
It is delightful, warm, bright and joyous. The feeling you wish to have in your soul. Well thought-out and carefully implemented concept of a Jewish restaurant extends not only to its cuisine. "Tsymes" is a cultural venue in the broadest sense of the word. The traditions of Jewish people are presented in the interior, the music and the treatment of guests. The fragments of decoration dedicated to Marc Chagall’s art are touching, while the literary deions of dishes on the menu are so amusing that make one laugh until one cries. Treatments on the menu are cooked according to the recipes of the prominent Jewish grandmothers, aunts and their acquaintances. The most valuable compliment to the Chef is the confession of one of the guests that "my Sofochka cooked exactly the same way".

Once you crossed the threshold of the restaurant, you are overwhelmed with a burst of positive emotions from the brightness, hospitality and deliciousness. The interior is diverse; each room has its own story. The first hall is decorated by the fragments of Marc Chagall’s paintings. These motifs are repeated in the stained glass windows, chandeliers, ornamental painting of walls and ceiling. The second hall shows a street in Odessa with expressive windows of Katzman and Moher. The third room is the most home-like, resembling the flat of Aunt Sonya with tablecloths and napkins. Motley wallpaper, antique clock and paintings make it home-like and cosy.

And the main thing is that "Tsymes" menu adopts kosher-style. It means that Kashrut dietary laws are followed. By no means will the Chief serve pork, beef together with milk and steak with blood. And what for? You’d better try a hot snack "A Yiddisher Kopf", fried calves' brains with leek and broccoli. You are sure to forget about pork! The restaurant’s cuisine offers homemade dishes prepared according to recipes dug up in Jewish families and old cookery books. To make all of us happy just order a stuffed pike or carp, duck leg or stuffed chicken neck; this is not a complete list of dishes offered by the Chef. You will never regret that you looked in "Tsymes". You'll see.

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Оксана (5)
Наталия, само блюдо цимес - это обычно сладкая морковка с добавками для вкуса, жаркое - это как бы тоже овощи с мясом. Если вы любители поесть мясо с мясом с мясом, то вам в какой-нибудь стейкхаус надо было. К ресторану отношения не имею, но мечтаю выбраться.
Аня (1)
Наталия (2)
Были с мужем в этом "ресторане" 17.09.2015 оооочень ужасно готовят. Муж заказал «Цимес» состав этого блюда: парная телятинка обжаренная и тушенная моркови, репчатого лучка, кураги и чернослива в сладком соусе выход 300 грамм - принесли 2 кусочка телянки максимум 100 грам, кураги 3 шт, чорнослив один, и много-много=много морковки. Я заказала: Кисло-сладкое жаркое «по-еврейски» состав: Нежная телятина с золотистой картошечкой в необыкновенном кисло-сладком вишневом соусе выход 300 грамм- принесли 3 кусочка телятинки, 5 кусочков картошки и много-много-много вышневого варенья. УЖАС!!! Поели он за 130 гривен морковки, я за 80 гривен варенья. ФУУУУУУУУ!!!!
И таки отменное местечко. А главное душевно
Чудо как замечательно мы посидели, самые теплые и искренние слова ресторану Цимес за приятный вечер

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