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Tarantino Grill&Wine Bar
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Tarantino Grill&Wine Bar

  • Address:Sahaydachnoho street 35
  • Subway:Kontraktova Ploshcha, Poshtova Ploshcha
  • Time of work: 12:00 – 24:00
  • Type:Restaurant
  • Cuisine:Author's cuisine , American , Italian cuisine
  • Average bill: Over 250

Бронь по телефону
9:00 - 21:00

Menu : 121 dishes (The minimum order for delivery 100)


Portion: 250 г.
Price Cost
85 UAH 85 UAH
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Description of the institution Tarantino Grill&Wine Bar

If you are looking for a cozy place where you can have a great time, enjoying the taste of mouth-watering meat and fine wine, then you are here by chance!Restaurant TARANTINO GRILL & WINE BAR is a wine and  barbecue expert, place designed for pleasure and entertainment!

 Each restaurant has its own popular "punch" that attracts visitors. Here are five components of success by TARANTINO GRILL & WINE BAR, five reasons why it is worth visiting by all lovers of luxury holidays.

1) Grill: business card of our restaurant. The breadwinner and the seducer, charcoal grill is located in the center of the room.  The best enticements are c:
 - Organic meat steaks made of American and Australian Black Angus bull breed;
- Ukrainian veal;
- Fish and seafood;
- Wide range of vegetables  vegetables.
 Our chef and his creative team do their best to expand the range of specialities of  the highest quality products!

2) Wine: special for people keen on this noble beverage experts by TARANTINO GRILL & WINE BAR produced the most loyal wine list in Kiev! 90 positions of wines from various parts of the world - is an opportunity to travel around the capitals of wine and pick up a perfect harmony between the taste of meat and wine.

3) Place: Center of the Old Podol - the pearl of Kiev,  place where you can escape from the daily hustle and bustle and spend time with interesting people. Interior of the halls spteresses traditional values of TARANTINO GRILL & WINE BAR: the maximum comfort and noble luxury . A summer terrace gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the light breeze and beautiful architecture of St. Andrew's Church!

4) Music: instead of the bustling noise of the capital -  you'll find live music by  the best bands in Kiev. Latino fusion by Rumores, jazz by the Glorious Band, the most striking covers of international hits by the MJ Project and Dejavumusic Band ...

5) The fifth element - this is a very special atmosphere inherent in the master paintings Tarantino. TARANTINO GRILL & WINE BAR - is a place that offers delicious secrets of life, pleasures subtle and refined pleasures. All the worries of everyday life remain behind its doors,  inside you'll find just the pleasure of meat and wine, quality music and soul of the company!

 And if you want to know "What should I do tonight?", "Where to eat delicious food?", "Where to drink a glass of wine with my girlfriend?", "And to eat a juicy steak?», «Tarantino Grill & Wine Bar» - this is the best place for delicious pastime. We are waiting for you!

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Рекомендуется для:
  • Romantic dinner
  • Banquets and corporate parties
  • Birthday
  • Family dinner
  • Business meeting
  • Business Lunch

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