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Бесплатное бронирование столиков в ресторанах Kiev
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Сafе “ILive”

Сafе “ILive”

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(044) 22-333-22, (066) 078-76-36
10:00 - 21:00

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Portion: 250 г.
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85 UAH 85 UAH
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Описание заведения Сafе “ILive”

Dear Friends,

We created this restaurant in order to share with you our vision on the philosophy of nutrition. We hope that this place will become a guide for you to the world of healthy and natural food. Our goal is to save the wholeness and organic nature of each product, uncover the variety of its tastes and deliver the gastronomic pleasure to you while using exclusively natural ingredients.

All products that we prepare and serve for you with a great love, go through minimal thermal treatment or don’t have it at all. And this is the core value of our philosophy – to allow your body to feel the energy of water, sun and soil absorbed by fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries or herbs. We know that this is a strong stereotype that the healthy food cannot be tasty. In Ilive restaurant we are targeted to demonstrate the opposite – that the natural, fresh food can be healthy and delicious at the same time!

We invite you together with us to discover the taste of nature, its beauty, harmony and together with us – care about your health.  

With love,Ilive team

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"Я живу" (I.live) – прекрасное кафе, в котором подают только здоровую, вегетарианскую и свежую еду. Рекомендую всем, кто ведет подобный образ жизни. Есть блюда для сыроедов, а есть и готовые. Пробовала суп из шпината, также понравилось ризотто с морепродуктами. Еще хочу отметить интерьер, действительно, как на фото – свежий и яркий. Чудесное кафе!

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